About Me

I am a qualified Reflexologist and a member of the Association of Reflexologists since 1992.

I am registered with the Confederation of Healing Organisations as Healer Practitioner and as Principal of Suffolk School of Healing. (I completed The Healing Trust Foundation course in 1994.)

I am a General Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor by background. As a professional and volunteer, I have worked for numerous charities supporting carers and individuals affected by medical

and physical conditions, learning disability and dementia. 

As a family carer, I have adapted my career, now focusing soley on my complementary therapy practise in order to support the needs of my daughter who has a variety of additional needs.

I first discovered reflexology in 1988 when I was selected from the audience as part of a reflexology demonstration. Although initially sceptical about reflexology,  I was impressed by the initial session. Subsequently, I received ongoing reflexology sessions which impacted hugely on my personal well-being. As my my Reflexologist was also a Reflexology tutor with the Association of Reflexologists, it was a natural transition to then train as a Reflexologist.

The Reflexology training was the beginning of my journey as a complementary therapist. I have subsequently qualified as a Healer and have added numerous other specialisms to my practice including hot stone reflexology, aromaflex, (reflexology with aromatherapy oils) kansa vatki foot massage and crystal healing. I also provide weekly relaxation and guided visualisation sessions via Zoom. 

I set up Suffolk School of Healing in 2015 so I could share my experience and knowledge to support those who are interested in spiritual self-development and healing for themselves, friends and family. I provide a variety of training courses.

I continue to develop and expand my knowledge on an ongoing basis. Continuing professional development is an important aspect of my working practice as I participate in ongoing training to ensure I remain up-to-date with the legislation and good working practice affecting the delivery of complementary therapy.

My journey as a complementary therapist continues; I enjoy the opportunity of providing reflexology and healing to people from a wide variety of backgrounds and learning new skills as opportunities unfold.



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