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Therapies available. Sunset Hero

Therapies available. Reflexology


Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the belief that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands, thought to correspond to all organs and parts of the body. Some practitioners may also include work on points found in the face and ears. Reflexology works on an individual basis and may alleviate and improve symptoms such as everyday stress and tension.

Sessions are performed in a comfortable reclining chair. Please wear suitable clothing, so I am able to work on your feet and lower legs. During the reflexology session, I use my thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to the different areas of the feet. I also combine this with massage movements, creating a sense of relaxation.

Therapies available. Kansa Vatki


Kansa Vatki is an Ayurvedic foot massage incorporating vital energy techniques.

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine system of India, dating back approximately 5,000 years. ‘Ayur’ means life and ‘Veda’ means knowledge, translating as ‘knowledge of life’.

Massage is an integral part of the Ayurvedic system of healing, used to promote good health, vigour and maintain a sense of well-being. Kansa Vatki foot massage is believed to assist the body’s energy flow and aid detoxification.

Sessions are performed on a couch. Please wear suitable clothing that rolls up to above your knees, so I am able to work on your feet and calves. During the session, oil is applied to the skin on the feet and calves and a Kansa Vatki three metal bowl (copper, zinc and tin) is used with vigorous circular and stroking movements, alongside a variety of Kansa Vatki techniques using my fingers and hands. This therapy also includes the use of reflexology thumb and finger techniques on the feet and legs. Kansa Vatki and reflexology instills either a sense of soothing or invigoration, combined with a feeling of warmth.

Therapies available. Hot stone reflexology


Hot stone reflexology is a complementary therapy that builds on the basic principles of reflexology. This is not a new technique, as hot stones were used by ancient cultures including the Incas, Native Americans, and Ancient Egyptians to ease symptoms and enhance well-being.

Sessions are performed in a comfortable reclining chair. Please wear suitable clothing that rolls up to above your knees, so I am able to work on your feet and calves.

During the session, I use hot stones on the feet and legs, combining this with and reflexology thumb and finger techniques. Warmth from the stones assists the release of tension in the muscles and connective tissues. The heat also expands the capillaries and massage on the legs helps circulation. This therapy promotes general relaxation, a sense of well-being and in turn can help reduce stress.

Therapies available. Healing


The history of Healing stretches back for thousands of years. Most Healers view their work as a natural and purposeful energy based process. From anecdotal evidence this is believed to help relieve everyday stress, provide a sense of physical and emotional revitalisation, helping to create a deep sense of peace. Healers work with a conscious intention to help and support.

During the session you will remain fully clothed. I generally use a couch as most clients prefer this option. If this is a difficulty for you, then you may prefer to be seated on a chair. You can also choose if you would like background music, or not.

I will start the session by doing a relaxation exercise with you. I work by placing my hands on, or above, different areas of the body whilst using the natural energy flow to facilitate the body's ability to achieve a sense of wholeness and well-being.

Therapies available. Beach IOM


If you are feeling stressed or in need of relaxation, meditation is an excellent way of promoting your physical and emotional well-being. It can induce a feeling of relaxation, lowering blood pressure, increasing immunity and reducing stress, creating a sense of physical and emotional well-being.

The meditation sessions are chair-based and are aimed at supporting you to learn relaxation and visualisation techniques. You are welcome to join us, regardless of if you are familiar with the use of visualisation, or a complete newcomer!

The Meditation sessions are held at Westhorpe Village Hall on alternate Wednesdays from 10am until 11.30am. The relaxation and guided visualisation session runs from 10am until 11am, following which we conclude by having a cup of hot drink.

(A selection of refreshments, including herbal teas are included in the fee)


Reflexology or healing is not a substitute for medical treatment.
No warranty or claim of effectiveness, express or implied, is made for these techniques.
If you have a health care concern or illness, you should
always consult your doctor or other health professional.

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