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I have been a Reflexology Practitioner in excess of twenty years, but never cease to be amazed at what the feet can reveal about our health, personality and the impact of life’s challenges. In fact, I have always been fascinated by people and how bodies work. As a young child, my grandfather commented that I was either going to be a hypochondriac, or a nurse. Hopefully not both!

I completed general nursing and then Midwifery training, later followed by Health Visiting. Life circumstances steered me away from nursing, but I discovered Reflexology when invited to be the client at a presentation on the topic. I was initially sceptical of the theory that reflex areas in the hands and feet are thought to correspond to the organs and parts of the body and that gentle pressure applied to specific points on the feet prompt the body’s self-healing mechanism. I could not deny the positive impact that this initial and subsequent reflexology sessions had on my health. I subsequently trained as a Reflexologist with the Association of Reflexologists and then as I became more involved with one-to-one work with clients, my development evolved and I completed formal training to become a Healer Practitioner.

It is impossible to capture a typical day as my Reflexology work is so varied. This includes individual appointments for clients with a variety of chronic conditions or those wanting some pampering. I facilitate reflexology workshops for groups, including a local Stroke Group where participants enjoy individual attention and gentle massage assists movement of inflexible hands.

Everyone is unique and their feet tell this story. Some people inform me they are ashamed of their feet, but to me hammer toes, bunions or hard skin, reveal other issues and the more unusual features increase my interest. The shape of the feet alone may reveal potential concerns including, for example, shoulder or knee issues. Merely touching the feet can reveal further information. The impact of stress has a marked effect on many of the body’s systems and also leaves tell-tale signs in the feet.

Although much can be revealed by the feet, diagnosing health conditions is not my remit and I ensure that clients seek a medical opinion for any health concerns. Similarly, I do not offer a ‘cure’, though clients have commented on the benefits of reflexology, including a wonderfully relaxing experience that instills a sense of well-being.

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