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Reflexology or healing is not a substitute for medical treatment.
No warranty or claim of effectiveness, express or implied, is made for these techniques.
If you have a health care concern or illness, you should
always consult your doctor or other health professional.

Foot Reflexology

£35 - session lasts an hour

Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the belief that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands, thought to correspond to all organs and parts of the body. Reflexology works on an individual basis and may alleviate and improve symptoms such as everyday stress and tension.

Reflexology with Aromatherapy oils

£40 - session lasts an hour

Delux Pamper Package - Reflexology with Aromatherapy oils and Hot Stones £42

Reflexology techniques are combined with the use of selected aromatherapy oils, tailored to the individual client.

Foot Reflexology with Hot Stones

£40 - session lasts an hour.

Delux Pamper Package - Reflexology with Hot Stones and Aromatherapy oils £42

Hot stone reflexology builds on the basic principles of reflexology. Hot stones were used by ancient cultures including the Incas, Native Americans, and Ancient Egyptians to ease symptoms and enhance well-being.

Hot stones are used on the feet and legs, using reflexology techniques. Warmth from the stones assists the release of tension in the muscles and connective tissues, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Foot Reflexology with Kansa Vatki foot massage

£40 - session lasts an hour​

Kansa Vatki is an Ayurvedic foot massage incorporating vital energy techniques, believed to assist the body’s energy flow and aid detoxification.

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine system of India, dating back approximately 5,000 years. ‘Ayur’ means life and ‘Veda’ means knowledge, translating as ‘knowledge of life'.


£35 - session lasts an hour

The history of Healing stretches back for thousands of years.Healing is a natural and purposeful energy based process. From anecdotal evidence this is believed to instil a sense of physical and emotional revitalisation, helping to create a deep sense of peace. Healers work with a conscious intention to help and support.

Crystal Healing

£40 - session lasts an hour

Crystals are used to enhance the healing process. Crystals are selected according to the needs of the client and are placed either alongside, or on the body, to positively interact with the body's energy field.

Relaxation and Guided Visualisation

The hour long sessions are at 10am each Wednesday, via ZOOM (£20 monthly) 

Please contact me for details.

If you are feeling stressed or in need of relaxation, guided visualisation is an excellent way of promoting your physical and emotional well-being. If you are feeling stressed or in need of relaxation, guided visualisation is an excellent way of promoting your physical and emotional well-being. Benefits of relaxation include reduction of stress leading to lowering of blood pressure, increased immunity, improved sleep and a sense of being more in control of your life.

You are welcome to join us, regardless of if you are familiar with the use of visualisation, or a complete newcomer!


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